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1) Kirklands Gold Bordeaux Ornate Leaner Mirror. First up, we have the Kirklands Gold Bordeaux Ornate Mirror! This mirror is floor length and VERY similar to the Anthro mirror. I love the gold details and since it’s under $300 it’s a steal. This mirror tends to sell out but keep checking back, it recently said it would be restocked soon.Pink Stanley cups were the rage earlier this month. Now it's floor mirrors. But not just any floor mirror. Shopping sharks recently spotted a specific mirror sold at Costco that resembled a mirror selling for nearly $1,000 more at another retailer, the upscale chain Anthropologie. Anthropologie's Luisa Mirror ($1,198) is 72½ inches high, 34¾ inches across and 2½ inches deep and "Delicate ...

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16. Ikea. Both Ikea and Anthropologie offer stylish, quality furniture and home decor at affordable prices. Both stores have a wide range of products, from small items like picture frames and candles to larger pieces like beds and leather couches. Both stores also sell unique items that you won't find anywhere else.The Costco version, called the Ravena Floor Mirror, features similar dimensions and an eerily similar aesthetic, costs just $149.99. ... "Sam’s club beat Costco at the Anthro dupe. I scored the ...The Luisa Mirror. Anthropologie Shoppers are excited about dupes of an Anthropologie mirror at Costco and Sam's Club. The original Anthropologie mirror costs $1,198 while the dupes cost $149. The mirror dupe comes after the internet's obsession with Stanley cups. Some shoppers are rushing to their local Costco and …The Costco mirror, which is a veritable "dupe" of Anthroplogie's Luisa mirror, ... And while Costco and Anthropologie are large companies with international reach, small businesses aren't immune ...That’s where Costco comes in. Known for its great deals and wide selection, Costco offers a fantastic dupe for the coveted Anthropologie mirror at a fraction of the price. In this article, we will explore the Costco Anthropologie mirror dupe and why it’s a must-have for any home decorator on a budget.It's two-and-a-half feet tall and retails for $65. It does not include the scrolls at the bottom corners, though it does have "leaflet scrolls" at the top and "delicate floral details" all along the edge. Walmart doesn't specify what its mirror is made of, but it's 10.4 pounds and 20 inches wide, compared to the Anthropologie mirror's 31 pounds ...The original Anthropologie mirror costs $1,198 while the dupes cost $149. The mirror dupe comes after the internet's obsession with Stanley cups. Some shoppers are rushing to their local Costco and Sam's Club to snag a dupe of a pricey floor-length Anthropologie mirror. While much of the internet is stillOther users have posted videos pointing out other Costco-carried brands, such as a super soft sweatshirt made by Sage Collective that mirrors Lululemon's Softstreme Crew; a Spyder lightweight zip-up jacket on sale for $20 compared to the $118 Luon jacket; and a Lole belt bag, which sells at Costco for $14.99 compared to a Lululemon version that ...Anthropologie's signature scent is Volcano from the non-Anthro brand Capri Blue; the aroma of sugared orange, lemon, and lime is usually what welcomes you into the store. Employees have a love ...#costco #costcofinds #shorts #anthropologieanthropologie dupe.mirror. anthropologie dupe wreath. anthropologie dupes dress. anthropologie dupont cardigan. anthropologie dusk dress. ... anthropologie floor mirror costco. anthropologie floor mirror sam's club. anthropologie floral bouquet diffuser. anthropologie floral doormat.Better Homes & Gardens Arch Metal Wall Mirror. This stunning Better Homes and Gardens mirror at Walmart is another stand-out on this list because the look and price are so spot on! At $65, this piece is an insanely close dupe to the 3ft Anthropologie Primrose mirro r at $548. Talk about a look for less!Costco home warranty -- is it the right option for you? In this article, you'll learn about what Costco offers and what other options to consider. Expert Advice On Improving Your H...Shoppers are hunting a $149.99 Costco mirror that many consider a "dupe" of a $1,198 mirror sold at Anthropologie. Oh, Sam's Club has one, too. Get access to our best features. Get Started. Enable Notifications Browser Extension Show Grayscale Images. Monday, February 26, 2024 Set Location.Eagle-eyed customers began noticing the perf6,507 likes, 35 comments - costconew on January 7, Ornate leaner mirror (Gold Bordeaux Ornate Mirror) This mirror is nothing but gorgeous and is the closest to the real deal as they come (and for a fraction of the price). It’s a tad bit shorter than the Anthropologie mirror but for under $300 it’s worth it. The Anthropologie mirror this size is close to $1,000.2. Gather items to spray paint. 3. Spray paint the items above as well at the pearl/ weatherstrip combo. 4. Cut the mirror out of the frame, if the frame is too chunky, or if you want to manipulate the shape a little bit. 5. Optional- Glue some sort of support to the back of the mirror. For those willing to pay the membership fee, Costco Anthropologie's elegant, hummingbird-adorned Luisa Mirror skyrocketed in popularity this week when social media bargain-hunters spotted a near-identical gold mirror on Costco's shelves. The ...Woman Turns $30 Junkyard Find Into a Perfect Dupe of $1,500 Anthropologie Mirror Florida Couple Rescues Dresser From Trash and Brings It Back to Life With the Perfect Color Woman Dupes $1450 Cement Table Using a Metal Trash Can and an Ikea Table Enthusiasts are buzzing about the striking resemblance of the Ravena

Mar 21, 2023 · Gold Vintage Inspired Gold Mirror if you are looking for a good dupe for the Anthropologie Primrose floor mirror, This 72″ tall dupe is for you. 10. Arched Vertical Elegant Gold Mirror 24″ x 36″ for under $200 and available in 5 different sizes. 11. Ornate Filigree Gold Mirror 5-foot floor mirror for under $400 – I love all the ornate ... Select Options. Online Only. $199.99. Numiere Body Cellulite Reducing & Body Toning Device. (45) Compare Product. Back To Top. Look your best with professional cosmetic tools from! Browse a variety of makeup brushes, organizers, toning and anti-blemish devices, and more.The original Anthropologie mirror costs $1,198 while the dupes cost $149. The mirror dupe comes after the internet's obsession with Stanley cups. Some shoppers are rushing to their local Costco ...The Anthropologie piece retails for nearly $1,200 and, while stunning, Costco’s mirror offers a similar shape and dimensions for just $148. Costco’s …

Dec 16, 2022 ... mirror #anthropologie”. Anthropologie mirror dupe ANTHROPOLOGIE ... Anthropology Mirror Costco · Anthropologie Mirror Review Sams · Mirror at Sams.The total cost for a mirror dupe project like the one Mohn made really depends on how much you are willing to spend on materials. Mohn only spent between $25 and $30 on the project, stating she ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. ANTHROPOLOGIE DUPES. Anthropologie Mirror Dupes; 8 Best Capri Blue V. Possible cause: Image via Arhaus. 3. Arhaus Amelie Wall Mirror. My next pick for the best Anthro mi.

The wholesale retail is selling a copycat dupe of the all-the-rage Anthropologie mirror with a vintage gold rim. Instead of dropping over $1,000, you can get it for $149.99.I’ve found 15 beautiful mirrors that will add glamour to your home without breaking the bank. Most of these mirrors are under $500, and some are even under $250! Table of Contents. Introduction. 31 Most Affordable Anthropologie Look Alike Mirrors. 1. Kirkland Gold Bordeaux Ornate Leaner Mirror. 2.

Costco Is Selling a Copycat Version of Anthropologie's $1,198 Mirror, and Fans Are Going Wild Alani Vargas Originally Published: January 11, 2024 10:15 p.m.Here's the original Anthropologie Primrose mirror in all its OMG-priced glory. The mirrors are as beautiful as people make them out to be. It's actually on sale as well, but still with pretty steep pricing. Depending on the size, the mirror ranges from $383.60 to $1,598.00 when on sale and from $548.00 to $1,598.00 without the markdowns.Overall measures: 35.75″ W x 36″ H. 9. Fetullah Metal Arch Wall Mirror. The Fetullah metal Arch mirror is a fantastic look-alike to the Primrose, and this one is available in various sizes, from the smallest at 20×30 inches to the largest at 60×30 inches! 10.

Anthro dupe mirror in Boise today! $149.99 #dupe #anthro #mirror #d The Azalea Park Gold Metal Filigree Leaner Framed Wall Mirror will add an elegantly traditional look to your home. Perfect for any bathroom, hallway, entryway or office, this mirror is crafted of a durable double sided steel frame that is sure to last the test of time. The appealing gold finish will pair nicely with your existing décor. The Costco mirror, which is a veritable "dupe" of AThe Gleaming Primrose mirror comes in four differe I am convinced that I can achieve an Anthro styled home for a lot less. These are the best Anthropologie furniture look alikes and decor alternatives that are affordable looks for less for mirrors, tables, and more. Best Anthropologie Furniture Look Alikes and Alternatives Tulip Chair (Orig. $1,200 / Alternative $227) They can spot quality, whether it comes from Anthropologie or Sam&#x 8 Anthropologie Mirror Dupes (Beautiful + Affordable) Alex Baldwin Sep 13, 2021. The Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror has been one of the most sought after home decor pieces recently. But, at $498 for the smallest size and $1,548 for the large (plus delivery fees), most of us just can't afford this lovely mirror, as much as we may want it.Top: Ballard Designs Beaudry Mirror, $299 Bottom: Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror, $848 Alternate Dupes: Arhaus Amelie Mirror, various prices Kirklands Antique Gold Victoria Scroll Mirror, $79 Black Ornate Antique Carved Mirror, $99 Kirklands Gold Antique Style Mirror, $239 Claypoole Traditional Accent Mirror, $629 Costco is currently stocking its own dupe of the Style No. 59900944; Color Code: 027. Discover A modern statement piece with an antique feel, the Gleaming Costco appears to have caught the attention of shoppers for selling a mirror that arguably bears resemblance to a piece costing $1,198 at Anthropologie.. Costco’s mirror has a lower price tag of ... Shoppers are hunting a $149.99 Costco mirror that many consider a & Other lenders may have been hit, too. Punjab National Bank (PNB), India’s second-largest government-owned lender, has discovered a fraud worth $1.77 billion at one of its branches ... As of June 20, Costco only accepts Visa for credit card payments. Bu[New Costco Find I spotted the Anthro dupe mirror at a @costcoStory by Sydney Borchers. • 3mo • 2 min read. Costco Style No. 59900944; Color Code: 027. Discover the entire Top-Rated Gleaming Primrose Collection by AnthroLiving. Stunning, vintage-inspired, and social-media-famous, the Gleaming Primrose Mirror is our bestselling style of all time. It's an icon, beloved for its exquisite details, including elegant adornments along its apex and edges.